On Sunday my sister and I got kittens. We got them from the Cat Haven and they’re perfect. They’d only been dropped off the day before and they are a brother and sister. I got the girl. She’s black with a tabby-ish sort of pattern you can sort of see on her back and a tiny white patch on her chest. The Cat Haven called her ‘muffin’ but I changed her name to Sooty. It’s quite ironic because for months and months we’d been thinking up the most elaborate cats names you could think of. Things like Athena, Godiva, Crookshanks, Snitch and Anubis. Then I said to mum, what about Sooty. Em called hers Pinto because he’s white with black spots. However, his tail is black with a white tip. They look like such angels when they sleep but when they’re awake they go really hyper and wrestle and attack anything that moves. I ended up watching Grey’s Anatomy last night, standing on the couch as they raced around it, pouncing at any part of me that moved.

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Taking It As Read
Disclaimer: Though the specific circumstances are mine, the characters and their past are all JK Rowling’s.

∞ ∞ ∞

Hermione was known for her books. Whenever her classmates pictured her in their mind she was always holding a book, reading a book, even sleeping with her head resting on a book. Having such a bookish nature had encouraged several traits to flourish in her. So many books meant she had to organize them, which carried over to the rest of her life. Because her books were so precious to her, she would never dog-ear a page, mark a page with a side of the dust cover or even use the beautiful, perfect ribbon attached to the spine. She always had a supply of bookmarks with her, no matter where she was. This may have influenced her motto — “Be prepared”. But the most important thing her books had taught her was to look for confirmation, don’t trust just one source, keep looking until you had more than enough evidence to support your claim. Maybe that was her downfall.

∞ ∞ ∞

Sometimes she felt like a thoroughbred horse, brought up for her mind, not her looks or emotions. Until she turned fifteen, she’d never thought about it, but from the on it was a constant niggle. She knew there was nothing wrong with brains but she also craved balance. She was too logical, analytical. She couldn’t trust her feelings if they didn’t make sense, though feelings seldom do. Generally she invented feelings, rational, convenient ones.
He was kind, gentlemanly, smart, well brought up, and for that matter, rich. He could set her up for life, put her on the right path. She knew she would not be unhappy. Should a girl be thinking about life decisions at fourteen? Perhaps not. But something had to cover up the less desirable feelings for the least desirable person. He was pig-headed, lazy, argumentative, disorganized, and even though it shouldn’t matter, poor. Love doesn’t stop to check your Gringott’s account balance, but for her, security came before love. After all, security could be proven and guaranteed.
But, of course, fate dealt her a nasty hand.

∞ ∞ ∞

History of Magic was never to her the chore it should have been. She sat, deeply immersed in her heavy text book, finding the chapter about the Magical Creatures Cross-Breeding Act of 1392. “… aftere the moste distressing incidente involving the deadly combinatione of a Chimaera and a Acromantula, Ronald Hargreaves, drafted an acte declaring that no man maye breede two species withoute a Ministrie license…” Potions was more of a priority, of course. That’s why she snapped her book shut on the word that seemed to be glowing on the heavy parchment. Potions. “… the Clarity Concoction was first created by Edmund Weasley…” But it was nearly eight, she knew she needed sleep. She must have been tired, why else would she leave her books far closer to the fire than was quite safe.
The dormitory was never a good idea. One of her messy dorm-mates seemed to have tried to throw out some parchment, but missed the waste-paper basket. Picking it up she recognized Lavenders signature pink ink. “… so do I have a chance with him or not?” and Parvati’s reply “… of course you do, but taking Ron’s not really fair on …” and suddenly she was really tired. Tired to the point of tears.

And that’s as far as I’ve got. What do you think? Worthy of Checkmated?

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Look, another new blog. How exciting. I’ve never used Word Press before but it’s very snazzy. What do we think of my theme?

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