Worst week. Ever.

Our school’s going through a few changes. As of next year it’s academically select which means all year eights wishing to enter have to pass a test. They’re starting to phase out all the rest of us. Anyway, now we’re a “Smart School” the teachers have to be certified to teacher us and some aren’t. So now all these wonderful teachers are being sacked, and god knows who we’ll end up with. But the worst part of all is that my favourite teacher is leaving. He taught me English this year and S&E last year and I was all set to have him for Lit next year. But no. Plus we don’t even get a proper good-bye because he’s not going to be here tomorrow and tomorrows our last day. So fuck it all.


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Emo. And possibly quite brief.

So, I’m “in love” with this guy, right? And he has never paid me the slightest bit of attention. Yet I’m always interpreting every-fucking-thing he says into “I love you, Rose. I will always love you, Rose.” And know he’s with this chick, hottest chick in school. All his girlfriends are super pretty. How fun! I’m not unhappy with the way I look, but I’m no way near in their league. And I don’t want to be if he only wants me for my looks. Which he would. He’s incredibly deep and poetic online, and sometimes in real life, but he doesn’t like people to see it. It seems to embarass him. Boys suck. Anyway, this chick he’s with is nice and popular and stuff but it’s so easy to bitch about her because she’s such a maniser. As in womaniser. According to one of her friends, she met up with some guy in the city and they were old friends and they ended up kissing, which isn’t really a bit deal, but she’d just got a boyfriend. Anyway, in Maths she told my friend Eliza that she didn’t really want to go out with him. So do I tell him or do I wait for him to get hurt? He won’t believe me.
In other news, my friend Jot was dumped. I feel so awful because she really loved her boyfriend and they’d been going out for 6 1/2 months. She was so happy when he asked her out because she’d liked him for ages but he’d liked her best friend which much be heart wrenching and they were always so cute and happy and she’s the first one in her family not to marry her first boyfriend/girlfriend. I hadn’t thought of that. Now I’m doubley going to cry.

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On Sunday my sister and I got kittens. We got them from the Cat Haven and they’re perfect. They’d only been dropped off the day before and they are a brother and sister. I got the girl. She’s black with a tabby-ish sort of pattern you can sort of see on her back and a tiny white patch on her chest. The Cat Haven called her ‘muffin’ but I changed her name to Sooty. It’s quite ironic because for months and months we’d been thinking up the most elaborate cats names you could think of. Things like Athena, Godiva, Crookshanks, Snitch and Anubis. Then I said to mum, what about Sooty. Em called hers Pinto because he’s white with black spots. However, his tail is black with a white tip. They look like such angels when they sleep but when they’re awake they go really hyper and wrestle and attack anything that moves. I ended up watching Grey’s Anatomy last night, standing on the couch as they raced around it, pouncing at any part of me that moved.

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Look, another new blog. How exciting. I’ve never used Word Press before but it’s very snazzy. What do we think of my theme?

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